Suffragette Scarf Kit

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Suffagette Scarf Kit


We designed the Suffragette Scarf to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment! The colors of the Suffragette movement were purple, green, and white - colors that the women wore proudly on sashes, banners, pins, and ties!  This project uses hand-painted purple, green, and white yarn to make a scarf that tells a story.

 This scarf includes a lace pattern called "Marriage Lines." 

The Marriage Lines pattern spoke to us: the Suffragettes had to walk a very narrow line between their home-life and husbands and their independence as free-thinking Americans. This pattern stacks on top itself, representing all the women who came before us who stood their ground and demanded to have their voices heard, and whose shoulders we stand upon today!

On November 3rd, commemorate these brave women and their success in giving us the right to vote by wearing their colors!
The Suffragette Scarf can be turned into a cowl by sewing it together, or worn as a scarf. Either way, it is a great way to show our solidarity with past generations of strong women. There is plenty of time to finish it before November, so pick up a kit on LYS Day and get started!   

The Suffragette Scarf Kit includes one skein Hand Dyed yarn in either DK or Fingering yarn and pattern. 
DK weight has 310 yards  and uses US 7 knitting needles
Fingering weight skein has 400 yards uses US 6 knitting needles