Karbonz Double Pointed Knitting Needles by Knitter's Pride

Karbonz Double Points, 6"

Knitter's Pride

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Karbonz Double Points, 6" from Knitter's Pride

  • A revolutionary product! New-age needles made from High-Tech carbon fiber with tips in electroplated brass!
  • Combination of two versatile materials – light bodied carbon fiber & sharp brass tips – is guaranteed to provide an unparalleled knitting experience!! No other knitting needle comes closer to this!!
  • Carbon fiber is one of the most versatile material used in manufacture of the new generation aircraft, space ship, automobiles, etc.!!
  • Shiny, smooth brass tips comes in perfect points, flawlessly tapered – Ideal for all types of yarns and for every project
  • The needles have high tensile strength, are light weight with lot of flexibility
  • Surface made of carbon fiber helps the stitches move smoothly on the needle!!
  • Warm to touch & gentle in the hand
  • The size range from US 00000 (1.0mm) to US 10 (6.0mm) are ideal for lace knitting, sock knitting, etc.
  • Set of 5 Karbonz Double Pointed Needles