Happily Knitting Socks Kit. Book and Lang Jawoll yarn.

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Happily Knitting Socks Kit

This is a Drop Ship Kit that comes directly to you. Price includes shipping.

Kit includes "Happily Knitting Socks" Book and 2 or 3 balls of Lang Jawoll.

Knitting socks isn't new, but the old hobby is back with a vengeance.  The dynamic duo Dendennis and Mr. Knitbear have put their best foot forward to give it a creative twist - hand in hand with a healthy dose of humour.  Socks to make you happy: no boring, run-of-the-mill socks, but one with fun, colorful patterns like ice creams and avocados, or a cool skull with provocative texts.

In short, way too nice to hide under a trouser leg!

Knit the most spectacular socks in all foot sizes for both men and women.  Whether you are a master knitter or a complete novice, with this book in hand you will soon learn the correct techniques.  With these detailed explanations, you will knock the socks off everyone  in all areas of knitting.

When your book arrive it also with come with yarn for one of these pairs of socks. Pick an easy project with "We Love Color" or challenge yourself with "Let's Avo Cuddle"

Let's Avo-cuddle: Lang Jawoll, 1 ball each in three colors. Shown in 83.0095 Brown, 83.0118 Dk. Green and 83.0116 Lt. Green.

Honeycomb: Lang Jawoll, 1 ball each in two colors. Shown in 83.0234 Lt.Blue and 83.0032 Dk.Blue.

We Love Colors: Lang Jawoll Twin, 2 balls in same color. Shown in 82.0511 Rainbow Color and 82.0505 Browns.

Up the Hill: Lang Jawoll, 1 ball each in three colors. Shown in 83.0226 Lt Grey, 83.0003 Dk Grey and 83.0379 Aqua.