Knit Counters: Kacha- Kacha(Clover #336), Mini- Kacha-Kacha (Clover #3118) and Knitting Register (Clover #328)


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Knit Counters:  Kacha-Kacha Red from Clover #336

This handy Kacha Kacha Manual click counter will keep you on track when Knitting or crocheting.

Mini -Kacha-Kacha Green from Clover #3118

A convenient way to track the number of knitted stitches and rows.Compact, easy-to carry knitting counter with a lock.Pass a cord through the hole to wear the counter around your neck like a pendant

Knit Register from Clover #328 goes on the needle directly.

This Clover "Knitting Register" will fit on any knitting needle except circular knitting needles. The knitting register can be used up to needle size 10-1/2 (6.5mm).